AILIS wins prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2024



The AILIS early breast cancer detection system has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award. It is considered the “Oscar” of the design world. The international jury od Red Dot recognized AILIS for its exceptional design innovation. It appreciated also its transformative approach to addressing a critical global health challenge.


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Revolutionizing breast cancer detection 

AILIS is a startup that aims to bring a breakthrough in the field of early breast cancer detection. Its creators have developed the world’s first breast health monitoring system based on AI. – By winning the prestigious Red Dot competition, we proved that small and agile companies can effectively compete with giants of the medical industry“-  says Michał Matuszewski, originator and co-creator of the system, and CEO of AILIS, adding: – Thanks to the use of AI, startups are now challenging global healthcare systems, questioning the status quo, and introducing breakthrough changes and innovations in healthcare. We have shown that Poland is a country where innovative technologies are created that can set new trends with a simultaneous emphasis on design tailored to the needs of the modern world.


What sets AILIS apart from other mammography is its non-invasive, radiation-free approach that avoids breast compression, enabling more frequent examinations and rapid results within 10 minutes. The system is currently undergoing clinical evaluation to ensure its effectiveness and safety.


Reshaping the examination 


AILIS offers a woman-centric approach to breast screening, combining innovative imaging technology, thoughtful design, and immersive sensory experiences to provide women with a comfortable examination. The device features a bionic design and uses biodegradable materials, while soothing music and lighting help to alleviate patient anxiety. Developed through extensive collaboration with women, AILIS prioritizes both clinical effectiveness and the wellbeing of the woman, with the goal of making the breast examination as stress-free as possible. 


  • Our priority was to create an innovative device in which women would want to undergo examinations –  emphasizes Matuszewski, and says: – We conducted numerous studies and interviews around the world to gather their expectations, and at the prototype stage also UX research. Focusing on women’s experiences allowed us to gain recognition from the most demanding jury of the design industry in the world and win the Red Dot Design competition –  he adds. 


Women have enthusiastically embraced the AILIS experience, appreciating both the innovative design and the overall experience.  – I have never seen this type of device that gives me information about my health condition, and at the same time the examination process itself is incredibly relaxing –  said participant Agnieszka Starzyńska. Another participant, Izabela Krzanowska, added:  –During the examination, I felt like I was in a spa and not like I was undergoing a medical examination. If this is what the future will look like, I hope that most women will have the opportunity to take advantage of it.


Designing a future  


WHO experts warn that by 2050 there will be a 77% increase in new cancer cases worldwide. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy and the second leading cause of cancer death among women. In the face of rising disease statistics, an aging society, and a lack of radiologists and medical staff, the world needs innovative methods of early detection of breast cancer more than ever. It is estimated that one in eight women will develop this disease in their lifetime. Therefore, in March 2023, WHO issued a recommendation that all countries should strive to ensure that at least 60% of breast cancers are detected in stages one and two, which offer an almost 100% chance of survival. 


  • Our vision is a world in which breast cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease –  affirms the CEO of AILIS. – If detected at a very early stage, the chance of recovery is currently up to 99%. By introducing this cutting-edge device to the market, we are creating a new paradigm for both breast examination and, most importantly, almost immediate results. What sets AILIS apart is its non-invasive, radiation-free methodology that enables frequent examinations without any negative health consequences. The possibility of frequent examinations without any negative consequences for health, performing them painlessly, comfortably and outside doctors’ offices may seem utopian, but it is a reality that is already coming –  the CEO assures. 

 Healthcare beyond hospitals


For centuries, the traditional healthcare model has been centered around hospitals and specialized medical facilities. AILIS aligns with the shift in the healthcare paradigm, focusing on decentralizing services and bringing them closer to where people live, work, and thrive – from shopping malls to homes and offices. By embracing a blend of physical and digital experiences, AILIS is actively working to redefine the business model, transitioning from a fee-for-service approach to a fee-for-health model. By breaking free from the traditional hospital-centric system, AILIS is pioneering a future where people can proactively manage their health and well-being. This bold vision holds the potential to revolutionize how we access and experience healthcare. 


AILIS is alternative


The current healthcare system perpetuates disparities, with religious, social, psychological, and economic barriers discouraging women from undergoing vital breast examinations. AILIS aims to address these concerns and democratize access to early breast cancer detection. It is also very a hope for dense breasts.

Through innovative automation and telemedicine capabilities, the system offers a painless, comfortable, and accessible alternative. It also minimizes the need for in-person medical staff. This revolutionary approach holds the potential to bridge the gap in healthcare delivery, empowering women regardless of their background or location. 


The startup is developing a mobile version of AILIS to reach the underserved areas where traditional healthcare infrastructure falls short. This bold vision seeks to ensure that every woman has the opportunity to detect breast cancer at the earliest possible stage. It drastically can improve her chances of recovery and survival. By breaking down the barriers that have long hindered women’s access to lifesaving care, AILIS is poised to transform the breast cancer landscape, one woman at a time. 


Red Dot is exceptional design 


The Red Dot Award is a prestigious accomplishment in the field of design. This year, entries were received from 60 countries, all showcasing exceptional quality and a high level of innovation. The award is judged by a panel of 40 international experts.


In a congratulatory letter dr. Peter Zec, the creator of the Red Dot Award, recognized the exceptional design quality of the AILIS product. He stated that victory is just the beginning and that this is the right moment to highlight the exceptional design attributes of AILIS. 


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