In the European Union, a woman dies of breast cancer every 7.5 minutes. In Asia, OVER 50% of breast cancer cases are discovered at a stage when a woman has only 30% chance of survival.

To change this, we have developed the AILIS early breast cancer detection technology.

Breast cancer acts quickly

Cancer is a chronic disease. It may develop for up to 10 years before any symptoms are noticed and The only method to give a woman a 100% chance to survive is to detect it early. However,  the number of radiologists all over the world is  insufficient and the  traditional screening methods take to long to detect anomalies in dense breasts. The problem becomes global and cannot be  ignored any longer.


This is why, for more than a decade, a technology has been developed that enables monitoring  breast condition and predicts the probability of cancer. Effective and safe.

AILIS Breast cancer

The scale of the problem

USA: 43 %
Europe: 46 %
China: 65 %
  • 43

    Of women in the world have a dense breast structure

  • 70

    For so many of them screening mammography is ineffective

  • 34

    Of women die of breast cancer

What is the AILIS technology?

  • AILIS urządzenie

    It’s a touchless revolution

    AILIS is a technology that allows for monitoring the condition of dense breasts in completely comfortable conditions: without touch, compression or harmful radiation. It is a revolution that guarantees comfort, safety and respect to all women, regardless of their religion or culture.


    Artificial intelligence for real life

    This revolutionary system of medical imagining diagnostics uses an advanced AI algorithm developed by the data analytics professors.

    AILIS is a breast diagnostics tool that also predicts the possibility of cancerous changes—which  traditional screening tests are unable to provide.


    AILIS is simply the future

    The problem of so called dense breasts, which are very demanding to diagnose, has become such a big challenge that in the USA it is mandatory to inform women that their breasts have an increased tissue density and, as a result, mammography may be ineffective in their case.

    AILIS is the answer to this problem, as it responds immediately where mammography needs years.


    Approximately 43% of women all over the world have dense breast structure. This means that nearly half of the female population has limited access to an efficient method allowing for early cancer detection.

The benefits:



    The whole diagnosis and obtaining the result takes only 15 minutes.

  • AILIS Breast cancer


    AI and automation guarantee an ultra-precise result.

  • AILIS Breast cancer


    No compression, no radiation, no touch. Safe and comfortable.

Why is our solution important for women?


    I’m afraid of breast cancer, but mammography scares me—it’s painful and in my case, not fully effective.

  • Breast implants make diagnosis and mammography difficult. After all, there’s more and more of us; breast enlargement is becoming common.

  • I signed up before the summer holidays and yet I have an appointment to have my state-funded test is in November. I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!


    My doctor told me that there is no need to do ultrasound when I’m breastfeeding. But I want to be 100% sure that I’m healthy.

  • My breasts are small and dense; they say these are the worst to test. What do I do? Should I enlarge them?


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