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AILIS values

At AILIS, we share common values and principles that guide us in our daily work. To protect the health of millions of women in an honest, responsible and respectful way. Never to lose our passion for science. And to develop a technology that is authentic in its mission, as well as a service that will become a synonym for caring.

About us

  • Mission: What we do and why we do it

    To provide women with dense breasts with access to effective and comfortable imaging tests to detect early symptoms of breast cancer, and with comprehensive health monitoring care.

  • Vision: What kind of world we are seeking to create

    A world where technology and artificial intelligence help prevent breast cancer.

  • We are living in fascinating times…

    Rovers are roaming Mars, a black hole has been photographed, and scientists from Yale University are able to revive a dead brain.


    At the same time, we are living in times where we can, and in fact have to, ask: why every 7.5 minutes does a woman die of breast cancer in the European Union? How is it possible that in Asia more than 50% of breast cancers are discovered at a stage where the woman has only a 30% chance to survive?


    These are not  just numbers. These are  millions of friends, sisters, partners, mothers, daughters, caretakers, wives.

  • AILIS: tomorrow’s answer to the challenges of today

    AILIS has been developed for years by outstanding oncologists, biomedical engineers,

    artificial intelligence experts and scientists as well as world class managers, strategic planners, specialists in business development and investors.


    We are a multidisciplinary team that has a common goal: to save the lives of millions of women.

The team

Technologies that change the world are always a result of long and hard work of a team of non-accidental people. At AILIS, everyone has a purpose. We are a team of experts and specialists in a number of fields and we share common values.

  • michal matuszewski

    Michal Matuszewski

    Founder & CEO

    Founder of AILIS, experienced strategist and designer of innovative services, certified R&D project manager, co-owner of dermatological clinics.

  • Mateusz Moderhak

    PhD Mateusz Moderhak

    Co-founder & Machine Learning Engineer

    Co-founder of AILIS, author of the Parametric Dynamic Imaging (POD) method. A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at the Gdańsk University of Technology, author of the groundbreaking research work "Analysis of thermal diagnostic algorithms in mammography". A specialist in the field of medical imaging, biomedical engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Jacek Gruca

    PhD Jacek Gruca

    Co-founder & Hardware Design Engineer

    Consultant in the field of data analysis and processing.
    Co-founder and Chief Electronics Engineer at AILIS. PhD in telecommunications, a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, for many years he has specialized in the design of electronic control, control and measurement, power supply and radio systems.

  • Karolina Majewska

    Karolina Majewska

    COO & Strategist

    Business and consumer behavior psychologist. Graduate of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University. Experienced strategist and expert in brand building and marketing communication. A long-term business consultant, university lecturer and certified trainer in the areas of digital strategy & business.

  • Tomasz Wojton

    Tomasz Wojton, BEng, MSc

    Senior Software Architect

    A graduate of Computer Science at the Cracow University of Technology, a member of teams in many research and development projects. He designs and develops information systems, in particular in the field of artificial intelligence, large-scale data analysis and processing.

  • dominika bigaj

    Dominika Bigaj

    Art Director & Designer

    A graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Graphic designer and interior designer at AILIS. She gained experience in the field of 2D / 3D design while working for the largest international companies.

  • marcin mika

    MD PhD Marcin Mika

    Medical Consultant

    Gynecologist, graduate of Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. At the University Hospital of the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow, he worked in a team dealing with the surgical treatment of benign and neoplastic breast diseases and developed skills in the field of minimally invasive gynecology surgery. In his practice, he deals, among others, with diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. He is the author and co-author of scientific papers published in Polish and foreign journals.

  • Aleksandra Matuszewska

    Aleksandra Matuszewska

    Quality Assurance

    Experienced manager and expert in the field of development and quality control in medical facilities. Owner and managing director of aesthetic and dermatology clinics.

  • Kamil drucis

    MD PhD Kamil Drucis

    Co-Founder & Medical consultant in oncology

    Oncologist surgeon, author of over 90 scientific publications on the treatment and breast disease diagnosis.

Currently, we are at the stage of meeting the requirements laid down by market regulators and preparing for clinical research in order to receive the necessary medical certificates.

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