By 2040, 27.5 million new cases of breast cancer will have been detected all over the world. This frightening forecast has been made by the WHO. But it doesn’t have to go that way. For a decade, we have been developing a solution that will allow millions of women to save their lives.

The revolution in the fight against breast cancer

  • AILIS means:

    • Parametric Dynamic Imaging, artificial intelligence and telemedicine – all in one technology.
    • A solution capable of detecting anomalies in dense breasts faster than any other technology.
    • An innovative technology developedby the multidisciplinary team of professionals.

    Be a part of this important change

    Groundbreaking technologies are not developed through random people. The AILIS team has been developed over the years and created by outstanding oncologists, biomedical engineers, professors of artificial intelligence. They have worked together with passionate managers, strategic planners, business development specialists and investors.


    At its initial stage, AILIS was financed by its founders and by business angels. The project was recognized and received support from the Polish National Center for Research and Development [NCBiR]. Currently it is in the phase of meeting the requirements of market regulators to obtain the necessary medical certificates.


    At present, we are looking for investors interested  in the idea of making a real change to the world with a vision of the medicine of the future and joining a project with a highly transparent business model.

Join the AILIS team

  • Ailis ai

    Give millions of women something priceless: time.

    By joining the AILIS team and supporting its development, you will make a real change. You will ensure the detection of any anomalies in the breasts of millions of women at a stage that gives them a 100% chance of survival.


    Create a future for your company

    AILIS is also a medical technology with an immense market potential, both in the field of telemedicine and automation of the diagnostic process.


    Automation of testing, which is already under way and on which of the idea of  AILIS is based, is the future of medical services.


    It is estimated that in 2030, traditional “face to face” consultations will not be accepted as a default access to a doctor for the generation of 35 – 40 years old.

  • Ailis Ai

    Give yourself a chance to earn a place in history

    The currently available screening tests, such as ultrasound scans or mammography, are unable to meet the upcoming challenge of insufficient access to radiologists and they usually detect changes at a very late stage.

Why did others join AILIS?

  • Why did I join AILIS? Give me one reason why not. If somebody for whom the Nobel Peace Prize centers stand tells you that you can save millions of human lives - what is your response?

  • AILIS is the technology and medicine of the future. And a very clear and precise business model which feels perfect for sustainable investing. There is no room for accident here. Nobel Prize level scientists, a business team with gigantic, global experience, a product awaited by millions of people, service that is a response to real market demand. And, most of all : an opportunity to save human life.

  • Using Dynamic Parametric Imaging in medicine is not only a tempting perspective but should also be a necessity. I joined the project encouraged by Michał’s huge enthusiasm. In this young man, I saw someone with a great passion to change the world, to save millions of human lives. As a result, for more than a decade we have been combining DPI and the latest solutions within the scope of artificial intelligence and telemedicine. It was a great journey in terms of science, research, and life experience.

  • AILIS has everything that makes you consider investing in it. It offers a technology developed by the best people in the industry, a very clear business vision, and support from an outstanding marketing team. I found lots of sales potential in AILIS. I am positive that it was a great decision.

  • The existing system responsible for cancer prevention and health monitoring is increasingly inefficient. There is a shortage of radiologists, access to mammographs is limited, and women have to wait months or even years f to get a diagnosis. This is why when I heard of AILIS, I thought “FINALLY!”. Some say it’s a start-up; for me, it’s something we oncologists, have been waiting for.


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